Safety First.

Never toss fireworks towards people, and don’t light them in your hand, except for those specifically designed for handheld use, like sparklers.

Designate a Sober Shooter.

Keep fireworks and alcohol apart. Always have a sober individual in charge of lighting fireworks.

Follow Local Laws.

Adhere to all local and state regulations regarding fireworks usage. Unsure about your area’s laws? Contact your local fire department or city officials.

Adult Supervision Required.

Ensure an adult is always present to supervise. Children should never handle fireworks unsupervised.

Protect Your Eyes.

Wear safety goggles to shield your eyes and face, especially when using fireworks that shoot into the air.

Footwear is a Must.

Always wear shoes while igniting fireworks to protect your feet from sparks or malfunctioning fireworks. Never attempt to stomp out a faulty firework.

No Second Chances for “Dud” Fireworks.

If a firework doesn’t ignite, do not attempt to relight it.

Read Instructions Carefully.

Before lighting any fireworks, thoroughly read and follow the safety guidelines provided on the packaging.

Stabilize Your Fireworks.

Ensure fireworks are securely “blocked and braced” to prevent tipping, enhancing safety during use.

Use As Intended.

Never modify fireworks. They are designed to function in a specific manner, and alterations could lead to dangerous outcomes.

Outdoor Use Only.

Always set off fireworks in open spaces, far from buildings, vehicles, and flammable materials.

Always Have Water Access.

Keep a hose or bucket of water close by in case of fire or to deactivate fireworks safely.

No DIY Fireworks.

Avoid creating your own fireworks; it’s both dangerous and illegal.

Take Care of Your Furry Friend.

Fireworks can distress pets. Keep them in a quiet, secure place away from the noise.

Dispose of Fireworks Properly.

Dispose of spent fireworks in a metal trash can with a lid, placed away from any structures. Unused fireworks should not be stored in homes or garages; consult your local fire department for disposal options.

Ready for more safety tips?

Learn more about how to safely celebrate with fireworks by watching the National Fireworks Association’s official safety video. Just click here.